PWSA at work on Phelan

The PWSA crew was out in force today on Polish Hill. It seems that they aren’t waiting for spring cleaning! Staffski stepped out the door and up the walk to Phelan today and was pleased to see this wonderful crew operating this huge machine —

The crew, led by Eric Taper, have cleared storm drains on Phelan and will be addressing drains on 30th and Brereton. All of this in response to 311 alerts submitted by residents in Polish Hill. It’s a lot of hard work and it has been a long time since these particular drains have been addressed. The crew pulled the remnants of an 8-track cassette out of the drain. How’s that for a blast from the past:

There was also a lot of pretty hefty debris, like the asphalt and bricks pulled from two of the storm drains. The mud and lighter debris was pulled out with their equipment —

So, Staffski offers her gratitude to Eric Taper and his crew for their work in Polish Hill on this cold and dreary day. Hats off to you, gentlemen.