Station House 3 on Polish Hill

Just a couple hours ago, members of the No. 3 station house were on Brereton, lending their aid to dig out snow-enveloped cars and sidewalks. Staffski stepped outside of the protection of the office to say hello and thank you. The gentlemen reminded me that residents in need of assistance should call the 311 non-emergency help line. They were working from a list of requests for senior citizens and less able bodied individuals for assistance with clearing access. One of the crew remarked that the National Guard is also on hand to help get people to Doctor appointments. Please, if you know of any individuals among your neighbors that might need assistance, make sure that they know to contact the 311 response line. If you can assist them with internet access in filling out the online form, it might save some time and frustration in the long run. The 311 call center is doing all it can to keep up with the number of requests but there might be a wait to talk to someone.