A Halloween thanks

Halloween came to Polish Hill on Saturday, October 30, taking over the schoolyard of the previous Immaculate Heart of Mary School as well as the office of the Polish Hill Civic Association. It was a much-anticipated event, with Polish Hill neighbors dropping off treats and props since early in the month of October. Children were welcomed at the office with a pumpkin decorating activity. Bags of treats were handed out and Mark Knobil was set up just outside on Brereton St. to take pictures of the children. Check out his Picasa album and see if you’re there, or maybe your costumed pup!

In the schoolyard, there were scary costumed characters, ghosts and goblins, a graveyard and a battalion of witches and wizards lurking in the trees. All of the characters worked very hard to scare their guests. It wasn’t a gory set, so the scaring was all in good fun! Many thanks to Brady Wilson and Sean Martin for all of the planning and hard work that went into the schoolyard.

So, with cries of Monsters Begone! the monsters have been banished from Polish Hill. At least, until next year…

A heartfelt thanks to our many volunteers, who accomplished so much in so little time. Volunteers constructed and dressed the set, acted as monsters, created props, helped with pumpkin decorating and handing out treats to the kids, and clearing the schoolyard at the end of the project. Hats off to you —

Leslie Clague
Susan Constanse
Darelle Dogans
Terry Doloughty
Myra Falisz
Jillian Fleckenstein
Ben Halliburton
Janice Heagy
Trevor Howell
Kevin Kerns
Laura Klacic
Mark Knobil
Justin Lamorella
Sean Martin
Jennifer Martin
Jennifer Martin
Catherine McConnell
Alexis Miller
Maggie Negrete
Josiah Parkinson
Doug Ramsey
Josie Ramsey
Cortney Ressler
Moirin Reynolds
Patrick Singleton
Red Sinicki
Dorothy Sinicki
Stephanie Tecza
Valerie Testa
Dave Testa
Kelly Tobias
Braiden Alan Wilson

Special acknowledgment also goes out to Right by Nature for their donation of treats for the kids and to Duron Paints for donating drop cloths for the set.

As an aside, if you helped out and do not see your name on this list, please don’t be shy! Let me know, I’ll be more than happy to update the list. (Contact Susan at phcapgh@gmail.com or at 412-681-1950.)

Photos courtesy of Mark Knobil, Sean Martin, Patrick Singleton and Moirin Reynolds.