Game Night & the Seven Minute Dance Series

This just in from our good friend at Neighbors in the Strip. Attack Theatre moved in with the Pittsburgh Opera and have brought game night with them! This is a great event and a wonderful place to get a taste of what the company does through it’s Seven-Minute Dance Series. From the most recent NITS E-Gram —

Join Attack Theatre for the first Game Night and the Seven-Minute Dance Series of the season from 8-11 pm on October 10 at their new home with Pittsburgh Opera at 2425 Liberty Avenue, Strip District. Voted one of the best places to meet singles in Pittsburgh and the “Best Place to Play Four-Square with Professional Dancers,” you will enjoy games and dance inĀ an intimate and social atmosphere.

This is an opportunity for community members to get to know the company and meet other artists and neighbors while enjoying good old-fashioned fun and games like the aforementionedĀ Four-Square, along with backgammon, 3-D tic-tac-toe, vintage Atari games, darts and Connect Four. Seven-minute dance performances on the hour conclude with a late night hootenanny.

Admission is free, but a donation is appreciated.

You can sign up for E-Grams on the Neighbors in the Strip site.