Onorato Announces Opening of Universal Playgrounds in North & Boyce Parks

Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato today announced that new universal playgrounds are now open in North Park and Boyce Park, just in time for Labor Day weekend. The all-inclusive playgrounds are specially designed to meet the needs of children with disabilities, but they are meant to be enjoyed by children of all capabilities.

“Allegheny County is proud to offer these great universal playgrounds so children of all capabilities can enjoy our parks and play side by side,” said Onorato. “We’ve been working diligently during the last several years to make improvements through my County Parks Action Plan, and this new play equipment is a great addition.”

The playgrounds, designed by GameTime, include wheelchair-accessible ramps and platforms wide enough for two wheelchairs to pass one another, reducing confusion and facilitating universal access to the play equipment. The playgrounds are the first in Western Pennsylvania with double-wide ramps and specialized swings designed for different age groups. Other equipment, such as handlebars at the slides and climbing walls, also promotes integrated play.

North Park’s universal playground is located near the swimming pool on South Ridge Drive, and Boyce Park’s is located near O’Block Playground off of Monroeville Trestle Road (Center Road).

Allegheny County received a GameTime Childhood Obesity Grant of $109,149 to help pay for the $478,000 cost of the playgrounds.