Take a Jane's Walk in Polish Hill

“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”
— Jane Jacobs, ‘The Death and Life of Great American Cities’

Jane’s Walk is a series of free neighborhood walking tours that helps put people in touch with their environment and with each other, by bridging social and geographic gaps and creating a space for cities to discover themselves. Since its inception in 2007, Jane’s Walk has happened in cities across North America, and is quickly expanding internationally. In 2009 Jane’s Walks were held in 46 cities with a total of 315 walks offered. All Jane’s Walk tours are given and taken for free.

You can find out more about Jane Jacob’s and Jane’s Walk on the organization’s site.

Update: Our guide, Terry Doloughty, has assured me that we will be conducting the tour in any weather, so be prepared! Of course, the national weather service is always right and they are predicting that the rain won’t start until later in the day. But it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

Join us in Polish Hill for our own Jane’s Walk

Polish Hill, then and now

The tour will start at the PHCA office, home of the organization for forty years. Our guide, Terry Doloughty, is the President of the PHCA, as was his grandfather at the founding of the organization. Mr. Doloughty is a specialist in the neighborhood; he has lived on Polish Hill all of his life and has been deeply involved in the community throughout. Our neighbors will be joining us at points throughout the route to talk about our neighborhood.

The route will pass many of Polish Hill’s community gardens and public green spaces and includes visits to the newest and oldest of these community efforts.

As with many neighborhoods, Polish Hill is reinventing itself. Older homes are being reclaimed from their gentle decay. The history of some of these properties is complex as they move from mixed use to residential and back again, answering the needs of our changing population.

Some of the assets of Polish Hill are repurposed lots that are taking on a new life. Some, like the West Penn Community Center, have always been a site for community service but have changed, like the rest of the neighborhood, to the needs of its citizens.

But the most striking feature of Polish Hill is its views and its unique geography. The tour will provide many opportunities to experience both.

A map of the route is available.

Jane’s Walk
Polish Hill then and now
Saturday, May 1
11AM – 1PM
Meet at the PHCA office
Please RSVP to 412-681-1950 or phcapgh@gmail.com

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