The Mibsters of Pittsburgh

Well, now, look at that! Polish Hill resident, Sarah Ireland, is a Mibster! Congratulations, Sarah, from Staffski and all of us here at the PHCA —

Bauer was defeated by Whitney Lapic, age 13 of Berks County, Pa., who was crowned the girls national champion. Nathan Narr, age 14 of Lawrenceville, qualified for today’s semi-finals in the boys division, but he did not make it to the finals. Ricky Brode, age 14 of Cumberland, Md., was crowned boys national champion. Brandon Matchett, age 10 of the South Side, finished tied for 8th place, and Benjamin Eddings, age 10 of the South Side, finished in 22nd place in the boys division. Sarah Ireland, age 14 of Polish Hill, finished in 9th place, and Baily Narr, age 9 of Lawrenceville, tied for 12th place in the girls division.

Sarah Ireland talked to reporters at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette about her love of marbles —

“It’s something I look forward to in the year,” Sarah said of the tournament, where she will meet with marble lovers from all over the country, many of them now in their 70s or 90s.

“When you get into marbles, it stays with you for the rest of your life,” she explained.

You can read the Post Gazette article here.