Be careful, be alert, and have a crime-free holiday

It’s a drag to have two bad-news posts in a row, but people are asking about an incident, so we are putting out the information we have.  On December 16; a young woman leaving Gooski’s between midnight and 1:00 a.m. was mugged at gunpoint on Dobson street.  She handed over her bag and was not injured.  According to PHCA president Terry Doloughty, the mugger was a young African American man, dark skinned, and wearing a black coat and a black hat.  We’ve heard a couple of different descriptions of the hat but it sounds like a standard style of knit hat.   A couple of days later another young woman, also walking alone at night, was approached by a man of a similar description; she took off running.

Each holiday season Officer Janine Davis, our community liaison officer from Zone 2 precinct, reminds us that this is also the season for opportunistic crimes such as this.  As Officer Janine put it, criminals want to give Christmas presents too, but instead of buying stuff, they will steal it from other people, or hold up people to get money to shop.  So while you are enjoying the holiday season, so also be careful.  Don’t leave packages in your car where they can be seen, and make sure the doors are locked.  And when walking, be aware.

It’s good to remember that although Polish Hill is generally a very safe neighborhood, we are in a city, and it’s good to stay aware and careful.  And as always — don’t hesitate to call 911 if you see something, or if something doesn’t seem right.