We received the email from one our Polish Hill resident. We checked with her to see if it would be okay to publish a post on her warning. Following is the email that we received —

Last week my home on 3235 Dobson St. was burglarized…My neighbor saw a thin (skinny) woman with very long black hair coming out of my basement, my neighbor thought that there was an apartment inside my basement door, which is street level and didn’t think anything of seeing someone, not me, coming and going…
Be careful and lock your doors, this person takes everything not nailed to the walls and comes back for more…She watches when you come and go and she knows how much time she may have…This person has gone through every inch of my home and belongings, she has even taken stuff out of my yard!
I have made several police reports and the police are working on it! Although the police say that they get calls like this every day of life and more than likely This person or persons, ( I don’t know if she works alone…?) has already sold my personal belonging for drugs…She has taken jewelry, clothes, little nick knack, DVDs, CDs, my collection of Gem Stones, she has even taken out the center diamond of a ring and replaced it with a chip…, also missing are cameras, a brand new cam corder and a lot of other stuff…
Just be very careful and keep your doors locked, all of your doors, especially if you have a back door and you think no one knows it’s even there!
Thank you,
Your neighbor on Dobson St.
p.s. If you have seen anyone lurking around matching this description please call 911!