Here's what's going on with the water service


About 100 Polish Hill residents are still without water service, and PWSA rep Melissa Rubin just called the PHCA to give us an update on what’s going on.  This is what she told us:

Yesterday there was a planned shut-off, and the residents who would be affected were notified.  That was just a small number of homes.  Then a valve broke, and they had to drop back and shut off more of the water service, particularly at one location — Dobson and Hancock.

They had some trouble, and the water ended up not being restored until after 8 pm.  After the water was restored, there were two breaks, on Downing Street and Brereton Street.  This often happens when older lines recharge.

Then, at 2:30 am, there was another break on Brereton Street.  They throttled down, which keeps water running, but at a lower pressure.  But they got calls complaining about water getting into basements and garages.  To prevent property damage, they shut the water off completely.

At this time (10:30 am), they are predicting 3-4 hours until water service is restored.  There are several crews on site working.  PWSA has brought several cases of bottled water for residents to the PHCA for distribution.

It was posted on the PHCA Facebook page that water main breaks should be reported by calling 911.  This is incorrect;  you should call one of the PWSA emergency numbers.  For future reference:  here are the PWSA numbers to call with concerns or reports relating to water service (or the work they’re doing on Dobson Street).

Non-emergency:  Melissa Rubin Mon-Fri 8 am to 5 pm 412.255.0767
Emergency:  (24/7)   412.255.2429 or 412.255.2409

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  1. Hey Neighbors

    11-45 am Wednesday ..

    Just saw water rushing down Herron from the problem spot near the Highrise. ….

    Mark Knobil

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