Neighborhood alert

We’ve had a couple reports about attempted thefts of copper pipe, most recently on Melwood Avenue.  In this latest incident, the homeowner was home asleep; the would-be thieves had forced open the basement door, entered, shut off the main water valve and were preparing to cut out the pipe before they were interrupted.  Last month a vacant house on Harmar street was entered; luckily an alert neighbor noticed and called the police, who intervened before damage was done.

We posted in June about an attempted break-in on Flavian Street; someone tried to enter a home by pushing the window air conditioner in.  Luckily, the unit was secured well and the individual was unable to enter.

Fortunately, these attempts were all unsuccessful.  But it bears repeating and remembering — the warm weather months are a time when windows are open, and sometimes we relax our guard a bit.  If you leave your windows open when you are not at home, secure them well, and if possible, have some way to prevent people from getting in easily, like additional bars or other devices on accessible windows.  If you have an air conditioner, make sure it’s screwed into place.  Basement doors and windows should be secure as well.  And if you live near a vacant house, keep an eye out for intruders.