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Do you attend our community meetings? If you do, you know that we receive a report from Zone 2 about crime in the neighborhood every month. The officers usually have very little to report. In fact, Polish hill is rated as the second safest neighborhood in the city.

That’s why when something does happen, it really stands out.

On Tuesday, an armed robbery was committed on Dobson and Harmar and another incident was reported on Herron and Bigelow. First, and most importantly, nobody was physically harmed. We are sure that the individuals suffered a great deal of fear during these incidents.

It is really unusual for these types of incidents to occur here in Polish Hill. The neighborhood is very active in the evening, with a considerable number of people out walking their dogs, visiting with neighbors, and attending events and classes. There is regular car and bike traffic, too. This level of activity is a contributing factor to deterring crimes of this nature.

You, as Polish Hill residents, are doing a great job at keeping our neighborhood safe by doing things like walking your dog, keeping an eye on vacant properties and reporting activities that are suspicious. Many of you know your next-door neighbors and spend time with neighbors within walking distance of your home. These are all effective deterrents to crime, and we urge you to continue following these practices. Know your neighbors and practice vigilance. However, if you do witness a crime, or if you see something suspicious, don’t hesitate to call 911.

The Department of Public Safety has a Community Safety page that is a great resource for keeping yourself informed about issues in our, and surrounding, neighborhoods. You can sign up for emergency alerts and public safety updates. For more detailed information, you can check into the main Community Safety page. Links to an anonymous tip form, block watch groups and alerts are also available from the main page. Polish Hill is located in Zone 2, and information specific to the neighborhood can be found at the Zone 2 link.

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  1. ^ Wise words, Terry! Polish Hill really has a great sense of community, and the closer-knit we all are the better for keeping us all safe!

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