Third update from PWSA

Melissa Rubin from PWSA has just checked in to let us know that the water is back on. Luckily, the high rise did not lose water service.

But…they decided not to flush out the hydrants, as our system here is so fragile and it might cause another break.  So your newly restored water will be dirty for a while  The solution to that is to go down to the lowest point in your home and run the water until it runs clear.  Homeowners can apply for a credit with PWSA customer service for the water that was flushed.

PWSA did deliver bottled water to our office, and that is still available, so stop by and pick up some if needed.  And if you happen to walk past the work crews, remember that some of them have been here working since the very early morning.  Please let them know that we appreciate all their work.