Homestead exemption

You, as a homeowner, might be eligible for a Homestead exemption. This tax relief program is available to all homeowners, and is not dependent on income or age. From the Allegheny County site:

The Homestead Act (Act 50) is a program that reduces your market value by $15,000 for County taxes only. To qualify, you must be the owner and occupy the dwelling as your primary residence. The application deadline is March 1 of each year. You do not have to reapply each year. Once you have filed, your exemption will remain in effect until you sell/transfer the property or change your occupancy. In addition, if you have previously filed and qualified for the Act 50 exclusion, you are automatically registered for the Act 1 program. Get more FAQs

The deadline to file for a homestead exemption for a primary residence is March 1. A .pdf application form is available from the County site. If you have questions about the program, call the Allegheny County Assessments Office at 412-350-4600.