Weave Magazine, a new publication coming out of the ‘burgh, has just released it’s first issue. The magazine has a very extensive list of contributors for its first issue with poetry, fiction and a smattering of art. From their website —

Weave is a literary print publication and organization based out of Pittsburgh, PA. We seek to create a space for a cross-section of writers and artists of all walks of life to meet on the page, on the stage, and in workshop. We celebrate diversity in both the creator and their works and strive to showcase both novice and established writers and artists. Weave will host a series of workshops that focus on the writing and submissions processes as well as on bringing poetry to the stage as a viable performance art. Weave will also collaborate with writers from our publication, Weave Magazine, to present readings that will showcase Pittsburgh’s young literary talent.

The new issue is available on their website for $8.

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  1. This litmag rocks. I went to their release party at Your Inner Vagabond in Lawrenceville and the people were just super sweet. I hope to see more great work coming out of them soon.

  2. We got the notice about the party a little late; we’re sorry we missed it! It does sound like a pretty great ‘zine, though.

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