Looking for studio space?

Army of Artists

Has been offered a minimum 2200 square foot space with heat, light, electric and security access for a very low rate. The space is in the strip so it is a great location for everyone. It has plenty of parking and 24 hour access. It would require that we all pay a very small monthly fee – if we all pitch in it would be a very low monthly cost foe each one of us. I need everyone interested to contact me ASAP at 412-853-4932, so I can secure the space. There is plenty of space for us to expand into as the group grows.

I am very excited to bring you all this news and I have been working for over a year to find this space. I am going post pictures of the space this evening. The space is newly remolded and very clean – this is a great deal and I would like to get this for all of us.

Here are the photos of the space
Please call me with any questions.

John LeDonne
P. 412.853.4932