Factory Direct: the Warhol Museum brings art to (well, near) Polish Hill, starting June 24

Polish Hill has a lot of artists, but not a lot of art shows (although Lili Coffee* has great exhibits, like the one of punk show photographs currently on view).

But there will be a big show right on our northern border.  The Warhol Museum brings it’s Factory Direct: Pittsburgh show to the sixth-floor event/exhibition space at the Guardian Storage building, at 2839 Liberty Avenue.  The show is described as “Art inspired by industry”, and this is how it works:  14 contemporary artists come to Pittsburgh, each hooks up with an individual factory, then each creates a new work of art based on the manufacturer’s materials and processes.  It’s an exhibition that celebrates the region’s workforce and their commitment to industry and innovation.

The exhibit opens on June 24, and runs through September 9.  Admission is free, but donations are welcomed.  Click here for more details about the show.