Looking for Crafts and Art on Consignment

ug_logo_1-1.jpgHello everybody,
The Polish Hill Civic Association received a call for artists that we wanted to share with you. Paulette Still-Khouri will be opening the Urban Gypsy, right here on Brereton Street, in the heart of Polish Hill. She is looking for artists and crafters that would like to place their work on consignment. From Paulette —

Dear Fellow Craftspersons and Artists:

My name is Paulette Still-Khouri. I am proprietor of The Urban Gypsy; a chic and eclectic floral specialty shop that will open in Polish Hill this summer. As a 10 year resident of Polish Hill, I am very excited and proud to be a part of its blossoming business district. In anticipation of opening the store, I am scouting hand-made and local-made items, as well as art, to sell on consignment. Ideally the items would be priced to appeal to pocketbooks big and small–for those who appreciate handcrafted and local treasures. I am looking for:

* natural or organic soaps, lip balms and lotions
* soy and beeswax candles
* hand knitted or crocheted items
* jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, pins and rings)
* purses (from re-purposed, vintage or natural materials)
* small, hand painted items
* handmade milinery, headbands and bridal accessories
* hand painted, hand printed, hand made cards and stationery
* handmade baby items (sweaters, booties, shoes, etc.)
* small to medium paintings, drawings, sketches and ceramics
* pillows and home accessories
* other handmade, re-purposed or crafty items that I did not know that I wanted

Please send me an e-mail at urbangypsy3101@gmail.com to express your interest. Please include a description and photos of and or internet links to your wares, price range(s) and any information you feel would be pertinent. Please forward your inquiries by May 31, 2009. Also please feel free to forward this to other craftspersons and artists.

Looking forward to hearing you. I wish you Peace.