Update on the Pink Gingham project


We first posted about Maura Doern Danko’s project in August, when we placed her gingham swatch among the rose bushes. Well, here it is two months later to the day, and the swatch is still in the garden, having weathered sun, rain and now the chilly temperatures of Fall. From Maura’s statement —

For several months throughout the winter, these small gingham swatches with iron-transfer drawings were left in various locations around Pittsburgh. Many interfaced with the rivers throughout the region. They were intended as impermanent, fleeting gestures. Several have been given to students to photograph. And several more have been mailed to various individuals; their photographs constitute part of an ongoing archival compilation. Maura Doern Danko

The previous posts are here and here. We’ll check in again in a month and let you know where the swatch has traveled to.