Bike safely!

One of our Polish Hillarians emailed today, asking that we spread the word about bicycle safety, especially here in Pittsburgh’s most vertical neighborhood. She assisted a cyclist who had crashed while coming down Herron Avenue. The cyclist had to be taken to the hospital.

Bike Pittsburgh has a great resource page for bike safety. Be safe out there on the roads. Asphalt is an unforgiving substance.

2 thoughts on “Bike safely!

  1. i bike up and down herron regularly, as well as anywhere else in polish hill, obviously things and go wrong, and i don’t know the circumstance behind this cyclists crash, but when you’re heading down those hills, you really should ride your brakes. the curve comes very fast and often motorists headed into polish hill are either on the double yellow line, or over it, do to the lane going into polish hill being much thinner than the lane going down the hill. please everyone be careful and safe. please be tolerant of others and look out for one another.

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