Biking classes and rides

Hello, all of you cyclists out there in Polish Hill.

Staffski is impressed that you have the stamina to tackle the streets in our neighborhood, because as everybody knows, it really is uphill both ways in Polish Hill.

These hills and valleys, not to mention the occasional rough road, must take a toll on your bike. Free Ride Pittsburgh has a series of classes for maintaining your bike. The classes can be taken as a series or you can drop in to a session that particularly interests you. Their schedule of classes as well as location and times, can be found on their website.

There is a new neighbor, located at 3401 Butler St. I know, that is a Larryville address. However, the location is on the border with the Strip District and is a very short ride from the heart of Polish Hill. ClankWorks makes accessories for the discerning cyclist. They also put together fun and unique cycling events, like the Tweed Ride, scheduled for April 3. Staffski has visions of strange and marvelous contraptions, piloted by dapper gentlemen in tweedy jackets. You can find out more about the event on the ClankWorks blog.

If you are looking for other cycling events in the Pittsburgh area, you should definitely check out Bike Pittsburgh’s Cycling Events Calendar. It seems like there is something cycling related scheduled for every day of the week, now that we have some more conducive weather.