Car free Friday in the Strip


Car Free Friday is a nationwide event which encourages the use of sustainable transportation. All of us benefit when individuals stop habitually driving single occupant motor vehicles to work everyday and explore mass transit, walking, biking, or ride sharing as alternatives to one person driving one car to work.  The goal is to make our streets safer , the air we breathe cleaner , provide a better quality of life, and a stronger local economy–because very little of the money we spend on gasoline and car purchases stays in the region.

You can take part in Car-Free Friday on August 14th in the Strip District at Mullen, 40 24th St, in the Crane Building.  Join car-free commuters from around Pittsburgh by showing up on foot, by bike or mass transit and receive a free breakfast donated by Neighbors in the Strip businesses.  Breakfast is from 8-10am and there will be a free Yoga Breathing Session  courtesy of Schoolhouse Yoga from 9-9:30am.

Other Strip District businesses attending include Enrico Biscotti Co., with free biscotti samples; Right by Nature, with drink samples and a bike raffle; and Three Rivers Inline Club with info on inline skating as a commuting option.  Discount cards will be also distributed for participating Strip District businesses including, Bikram Yoga, Collage, Enrico Biscotti Co.,Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor, Right by Nature, Pittsburgh Popcorn Co., and The Spaghetti Warehouse.