Here's the information on bike lanes, again

In June, we reported that the City of Pittsburgh will be painting bike lanes and shared lane symbols on two streets in Polish Hill.  There have been some questions about what is happening, so here again is the information, as provided by the City:

— Bike lanes will be painted on Brereton Street between the 28th Street Bridge and 30th Street.  “No Parking” signs will be installed on this section only.  This wooded stretch is the only area in Polish Hill where parking will be affected.  The City says that parking exceptions may be made for special events.

— On Brereton Street from 30th Street to Dobson Street, and on Dobson Street, shared lane symbols (see above) will be painted on the pavement indicating that it is a City-designated bike route, and that cars and bikes should share the road.  No changes will be made to parking in this area.

We’d also like to reassure residents that there are no plans in place to make any changes to the monument and it will not be affected by the bike lanes.

For more information, here is the City of Pittsburgh’s Citywide Bike Plan, and here is the the City’s Cyclist and Pedestrian Initiatives, created in 2009.