The Polish Hill skatepark is 10 years old


The skatepark at West Penn Park, one of the few free public skateparks in the Pittsburgh area, is ten years old this year, and it’s starting to show–the skate bowl is cracked and patched.  Although it’s on City land, the skatepark was built with private funds, and Citiparks doesn’t have a budget to maintain or refurbish it.  Last year a resident attempted to start a committee to raise funds to repair and perhaps upgrade the skate bowl and surrounding area, but that effort foundered.

The skate bowl is made of concrete, which is the most expensive but by far the longest-lasting surface for a skate bowl.  It’s yet to be determined if the skatepark needs a full resurfacing, or just a more thorough patch job (thus far, small patch jobs have been done by volunteers on their own initiative).

Our skatepark is frequently used, both by residents and visitors to the neighborhood.  It’s also an inter-generational attraction–we’ve seen many father-child teams there.  Might there be some skatepark users who are passionate about skateboarding and good at raising funds?  Let’s try to get this initiative off the ground again!