URA Facade Improvement Grant!

Polish Hill does still qualify for the URA’s facade improvement grants. Costs are matched up to $10,000.

The application and details are found here:

For more information on the Residential Facade Improvement Program, please contact Program Officer Sharon Taylor at 412.255.6677 or staylor@ura.org.

Office Closed During 2018 Renovations

To our neighbors, PHCA members, and stakeholders:

The PHCA Board has approved reserve funds to renovate a backlog of updates for the health of the PHCA office and apartments so that our building is maintained as a sustainable revenue source for community projects. The office will be closed until further notice.

Our PHCA Liaison will continue to produce communications and support volunteer projects. Drop-in hours will be held *most* Mondays 5-7pm at Kaibur Coffee.
Visit Blogski and our PHCA Facebook for frequent news.

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