Happy anniversary BLOGSKI

It’s hard to believe that BLOGSKI is one thousand posts old. Time sure flies!

BLOGSKI began with a quiet little post about the West Penn Community Center. It was December 19, 2007, over two years ago. PHCA’s president, Terry Doloughty, wanted a better way to keep the Polish Hill neighborhood informed about events and issues. A blog seemed like the perfect forum.

Naming the blog took a lot less time than launching it; really, what name could be better for a Polish Hill blog than BLOGSKI?

Through the immediacy of blogging, the Polish Hill Civic Association has been able to keep members of the community informed about events, issues and inquiries, providing informative posts about a range of topics.

Blogski (aka Staffski, aka Susan Constanse) and Houndsbay (aka Leslie Clague) work diligently to bring Our Readers all of the news that matters, at least here in Polish Hill.  We have shared trials and tribulations. We have spread our laughter and offered our condolences.

Over the past one thousand posts (let me say that again: one thousand posts!) BLOGSKI has welcomed several guest writers to share this forum. Patrick Singleton and Jenn Kirk have sent in articles about access issues. Josie Ramsey, Polish Hill’s Green Team leader, has supplied us with lots of useful information about everything from knotweed to bees.

We want to thank all of our readers for following our posts.  Looking forward to many more posts.  As Polish Hill continues to prove it is the best little neighborhood around we will keep letting all our readers about all  things  related to Polish Hill!

Order Redstone Easter Candy!

eastercandy.jpgWe now have order forms for Redstone Easter Candies, and there’s a long, yummy-sounding list of items to choose from:

1-lb. eggs in fruit and nut, maple nut, peanut butter, or coconut (10.95 ea)

14 oz eggs in chocolate nut, fudge nut, or chocolate coconut (10.95 ea)

Foiled eggs (11 oz. box/7.95)

Chocolate covered pretzels (8 oz./7.95)

Solid milk or white chocolate rabbit, hen, bear, or cross (5 oz./4.50)

Solid milk or white chocolate rabbit (10 oz./7.95, 15oz./9.95, or 26 oz./14.95)

Chocolate covered marshmallows (10 oz./8.95)

Fruit, spiced, or black jelly beans (24 oz./5.50)

Peanut butter logs (10 oz./8.95)

Gummi strawberry fish (16 oz. jar/6.50)

Stop by the Polish Hill Civic Association office and pick up a form. Orders and payment are due back by March 18. Download a flyer here or the order form here

Obscure Games is at it again!

This Sunday, those wonderful folks from Obscure Games will be back in Polish Hill, playing some games at West Penn. This time, it is Human Curling —

Played in a gymnasium, teams take turns pushing players in swivel chairs across the gym floor, scoring points for accuracy and distance. Teams position players strategically in order to pull off complicated ricochets and other high-scoring plays, while simultaneously trying to tag-out members of the opposing team. And though the US Olympic Curling Teams have not fared well, in this weekend’s tournament, Obscure Games teams will bring honor back to the US and to Pittsburgh by competing to be named “Human Curling Champions of the World.”

The games begin on February 28, from 10:30AM – 1:30PM. There is more information and a place to register a team on the Obscure Games site.

Human Curling
Citiparks/West Penn Community Center
470 30TH @ Paulowna Street
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15219
(412) 622-7353

For more information about Obscure Games Pittsburgh’s weekly game events, or the upcoming Steel City Games Fest, contact Adam Nelson at (412) 223 7142, or visit the Obscure Games Website, www.obscuregamespgh.com

January Council to Go re-scheduled

Council to Go re-scheduled to 5:30 instead of 6:30, date remains the same.
Council to Go | Jan 20 | 5:30PM @the PHCA office
3060 Brereton St, Pittsburgh PA 15219

Council to Go is the mobile district office for Patrick Dowd at City Council. If you cannot make it to the Polish Hill office, remember that PHCA has a speakerphone. You can call in your comments during the session, or you can drop off comments to PHCA via email or phone. If you cannot make it to the Polish Hill office, remember that PHCA has a speakerphone. You can call in your comments during the session, or you can drop off comments to PHCA via email or phone.

Hello out there

Staffski knows that Polish Hill has friends all over the world. So here’s a BLOGSKI shout out, in acknowledgment of Our Friends from the Southwestern States. Ladies and Gentlemen – Kinky Friedman

Dinners for children at West Penn

Flash! Staffski apologizes for the misinformation! I was under the impression that the dinner program was for everybody. It is for children  eighteen and under! Please check into the CitiParks page for additional information.

Starting Tuesday, September 8 at West Penn Recreation Center is the dinner program. Sit down dinners will be served at the Rec Center for children up to 18y/o. Dinners will be served from 5:30-6:30PM, Mondays through Fridays. Snacks will also be available from 3-4PM. You can read more about the program —

The program ends for the school year June 16. The city recreation centers will serve meals from 5 to 7 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. Children must eat the meals on site. Read the Tribune Review article

Seeking Green Volunteers!


Volunteer with the Polish Hill Green Team and Western Pennsylvania Conservancy to prepare flower beds for the coming cold weather! Contact the PHCA at phcapgh@gmail.com or by phone at 412-681-1950 with any questions.

Saturday, Oct. 3, 2009
9AM – 12PM
Meet at 30th and Brereton St.
Light refreshments provided.

Something beautiful this way comes


Staffski stepped across the street with her trusty camera to check out the progress at 3101-3103 Brereton this morning. First drawn by the lovely awnings and the smell of fresh paint, she was ever so pleased to find that significant progress had been made on the interior of the buliding —


On closer inspection of the windows (yes, I should have noticed that first. I needed coffee) Staffski found signs posted in the window from her friends at Urban Gypsy. What did they say?


Something beautiful is in your future
flowers . events . classes
handmade, locally made & vintage items


Staffski is ever so excited!

Polish Hillarian, Andy Matia

Staffski would like to extend heartfelt congratulations to Andy Matia, a Polish Hill artist. Mr. Matia has just completed a Sprout Fund Mural in Crafton. His mural adorns the side of the Crafton Library, sparking shildren’s minds to creativity and imagination.

You can read more about the project on the Post Gazette.

G20 update

The Pittsburgh G20 Partnership continues to be a resource for information about the summit. The G20 Summit is less than a month away and so many issues are up in the air. Bill Flanagan has this to say —

I’d be careful about believing what you’re seeing and hearing in the news. The amount of conjecture and just plain wrong information is disheartening to say the least — and that’s leaving opinion aside. A lot of it is because nature abhors a vacuum, and right now concrete details are limited. The media are filling in the gaps, too often with hearsay. As we move beyond Labor Day the haze should begin to clear. Read his weekly update

Very good advice.  Mr. Flanagan points out that, while some details have been decided and some issues have been resolved, that things could still change as we progress to the Summit.

The Pittsburgh G20 Partnership is a great place to go for information about what we can do to make visitors to Pittsburgh feel more at home and to make sure that Pittsburgh puts her best foot forward. If you would like to help out with clean-ups, you can contact Pittsburgh Cares, who is arranging for two concerted clean up efforts in September.