Under the Boulevard

There’s more than one way to cross the street. On Bigelow Blvd, that is.

Along with a few walkways, arching over traffic, Bigelow also has a pedestrian access tunnel, providing a safe way to cross the busy intersection of Bigelow and Herron. I am sure that many of the long time residents of Polish Hill is aware of this pedestrian amenity. But did you know that the tunnel is well maintained by neighborhood volunteers?

The Polish Hill Green Team have tasked themselves with working on a myriad of pedestrian issues in Polish hill, including the tunnel. When I had the occasion to use the tunnel, I was impressed that the only debris was some windswept and dried out leaves.

The tunnel does look dark from outside; you can’t really tell how well maintained it is until you actually go through the mouth. Overhead lights are caged and are spaced about five feet apart. There are no major, or minor, obstructions. The walls are in passable shape underneath their vividly colored tags. (Okay, the graffiti could be better…)

Next time you are standing on one of those uncomfortable corners on Bigelow and Herron, take a chance and use the tunnel.