Dowd hopes to simplify tax relief for seniors

Councilman Patrick Dowd will introduce legislation at the next Regular Meeting of Council to simplify the tax relief process for low-income seniors.

The Property Tax Relief Program/Act 77 provides a tax break to City of Pittsburgh residents over the age of 50 with less than $30,000 in income who have lived in their homes for at least 10 years. Currently, seniors must file for the program each year, regardless of whether or not their eligibility status has changed. Councilman Dowd’s amendment ensures that seniors need only apply once and the City Treasurer will determine ongoing eligibility.

Allegheny County and other cities around the Commonwealth that offer tax relief for seniors have already adopted this procedure and do not require qualified applicants to file annually once they have been accepted into their programs.

The preliminary vote on this proposed legislation is next Wednesday, March 18.  To find out how you can support this amendment, contact Elaine Zelmanov, 412-255-2140;

Remember, Councilman Dowd holds Council-to-Go sessions in Polish Hill on the third Wednesday of odd numbered months.  The next session is on Wednesday, March 18, at the Polish Hill Civic Association, 3060 Brereton Street.  Open to the public.  Share your concerns with your elected representative and make your voice heard.