Neighborhood volunteers come out to fix up the Dobson Street city steps

The city steps that connect Dobson Street to lower Herron Avenue are probably the most-used city steps in Polish Hill.  They had also been looking shabby, with flaking and peeling railings, broken treads, and trash strewn on the hillside.

This morning, over 20 neighborhood residents came out as part of a Love Your Block grant project.  They picked up trash, sanded, cleaned and painted the railings, and installed flower boxes at the top of the steps.  A volunteer braved the overgrown hillside to cut back the knotweed, and a request has been put in to the City to fix the broken treads.

Now the steps look so much better!  Many thanks to all the people who gave up their Saturday morning to help improve this spot in Polish Hill.

If you’re interested in helping out at future cleanup or green space maintenance events, call 412.681.1950 or email us and we’ll contact you for future volunteer opportunities.

(Photos by Tony Ceoffe)