Polish Hill Monthly Beautification & Green-up

On Saturday, April 30th, residents and volunteers affiliated with the Polish Hill Civic Association will undertake two major events:

1) Knotweed Knockout: At the Bloomfield Bridge focus-site, volunteers will help trim back any early growth of knotweed (weed wackier salad)

2) Street Cleanup: Volunteers will canvas the neighborhood on foot. Collect debris & rubbish from public spaces! Recycle any recyclables.

Here are the talking points:

*) Rain or shine, we’re a go!
*) Wear heavy boots, brightly colored clothing
*) Rally at the PHCA around 8:30 AM
*) Breakfast snacks & whitty-banter: coffee, danish, fruit etc.
*) Supplies handout from the PHCA (Bags, gloves, rain gear, etc.)
*) Designate teams (Rocks, paers, sizors – best out of three)
*) Safety Review / keep it classy
*) Off we go! (9:30 best guess )