Thanks to all who helped clean up Gold Way!

Earlier today, a group of volunteers gathered to help Allegheny Cleanways and the PHCA clean up Gold Way  The cleanup was organized by Polish Hill resident Sarah Koenig (pictured below), who did a guest blog post last week about the cleanup.  The group picked up a lot of refuse on Gold Way, including (according to PHCA president Terry Doloughty) 90 tires.

Although most of this stretch isn’t actually in Polish Hill, it’s a gateway to the neighborhood.  Due to being a hidden area, it’s also a popular spot for illegal dumping.  Allegheny Cleanways cleans up illegal dumping spots around the region, and has also cleared refuse from a spot in West Penn Park, behind the ball field.

We don’t have the names of all the volunteers who helped, but several were from Polish Hill:  Sarah Koenig, John McClure, Terry Doloughty, Josiah Parkinson, Paul Von Arx, Gina Favano.  There were also a couple of high school students, a gentleman who lives on Gold Way and often cleans up there; and people from Allegheny Cleanways.  We send out thanks to all of you.

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  1. Comment from Nathan Mould via Facebook:

    wish i could have been there. thank you to
    everyone this impacts me and my family in a big way.
    November 6 at 9:06pm ·

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