Volunteers get wet at the Earth Day / Redd Up neighborhood cleanup

Volunteers focused on a few sites for the Spring Earth Day / Redd Up neighborhood cleanup, including Downing Street, where illegal dumping was discovered on Port Authority property, on the pedestrian walkways and the Bigelow Boulevard tunnel, and on the Melwood – Flavian City steps, pictured here.

The final haul:  28 large bags of trash, 9 large bags of recyclables, 9 tires, 1 bike, 1 metal duct fan, 2 cell phones, and some i.d. (looks like this hillside might have been a dumping place for a pickpocket).

Afterwards, volunteers got a pizza lunch, courtesy of West Penn.  Thanks to everyone who came out!

2 thoughts on “Volunteers get wet at the Earth Day / Redd Up neighborhood cleanup

  1. God Bless all of you (young <3 and able-bodied 🙂 ) workers. Leslie that has to be you in the blue slicker? In re the Bigelow Blvd. Tunnel, that has always been the source of all manners and forms of refuse. (Need I elaborate ? ha ha) and is always therefore in need of tending and cleaning….yeah….gallons of CLOROX ! I can remember in the l940's it was quite the same…smelly but passable. Thanks again to all you folks who continue to volunteer your time and loving efforts to keep our little village as lovely as possible. We oldsters owe you all a debt of thanks !

  2. Hi Judy,

    Wasn’t me; I had to man the office. Thanks for your comments — we owe these volunteers a big thank-you


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