Density options presented at the final community meeting for the Fire Site Development

sketch from Fire Site sketchbook

The final community meeting for the Brereton Dobson Fire Site Development took place on Tuesday, March 11. At the meeting, Fire Site steering committee members explained how community input from the two previous meetings and two workshops resulted in a proposal that is a hybrid of different suggestions from residents .  Attendees gave feedback on sketches and 3D models  depicting what the units could look like with 3, 4, 6 or 8 rental micro units on Brereton Street and 2 for-sale live/work units on Dobson Street.  Attendees then participated in breakout sessions that discussed density/ownership structure and look and feel of the development.  The meeting wrapped up with a full group community feedback session.

At the meeting, the architect shared a sketch booklet of slides that showed  how community input was narrowed down to several different density options.  Those who were not able to attend the meeting can click here to view the Brereton Dobson Fire Site Sketch Booklet.

The Fire Site Steering Committee is currently reviewing all the input from the Polish Hill Community Plan, market study, interviews with Polish Hill residents, creative Polish Hill identity workshop, three community meetings, online feedback and other input.  The Steering Committee will make a recommendation to the property owners (Pittsburgh Housing Development Corporation) on whether or not to proceed with this architect/developer team and their sketches.