Demolition soon to start at 3111 Brereton Street front and rear structures

Demolition of 3111 Brereton Street (above left) and the small house behind it at 3110 Dobson Street (above right) will begin within ten days, the PHCA was recently informed.  This will clear the second of three parcels owned by the Pittsburgh Housing Development Corporation, which bought the parcels to create a space large enough to build something new in the center of Polish Hill.

The back story:  in December 2007, two houses on Brereton Street were destroyed by fire and later demolished.  Another nearby house was irreparably damaged.  These parcels of land, and an adjoining property, were purchased in 2010 by the Pittsburgh Housing Development Corporation, an arm of the Urban Redevelopment Authority, with the hopes of turning the site into new development.  Developing this site was one of the priority projects as identified in the Polish Hill Community Plan.  Based on the input of Polish Hill residents, the fire site was identified as a high priority and a creative opportunity for innovative, sustainable mixed-use development in the center of our most historic and culturally significant streets.

As we reported recently, the PHCA received a $20,000 Design Fund grant  for the pre-development design and planning phase, which will proceed with community input.  This grant has allowed the PHCA to hire a consultant to manage the project.  The goal is to produce an inspired, community-based preliminary site plan that reflects the neighborhood’s desire for moderate-income affordable housing and commercial space.