Good news for homeowners


As most homeowners know, the sewer line between your house and the street is your responsibility.  If it fails, you have to pay to get it replaced (unless you’re willing to live without water).  This repair can easily run up to $10,000, or more.

At the last Council-to-Go meeting, District Councilman Patrick Dowd asked Polish Hill residents if they would be willing to pay an extra five dollars a month on their water bill if it meant that they would be covered in the event that they had to replace their sewer lines.  Everyone present at the meeting said that they would be happy with that.

Well, that proposal went forward, and today we got this email:

Dear Friends of District 7,

Many of you have either replaced sewer lines yourself or know neighbors that have. This is an extremely expensive repair that can create tremendous hardship for homeowners. Well, Councilman Dowd, a Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority Board member, is excited to announce good news for PWSA customers.  Beginning January 1st, all PWSA ratepayers will receive COMPLETE coverage on their water service line and sewer lateral lines.

Beginning in 2010, for about $5 a month, PWSA customers will be completely insured in the event of a water or sewer lateral line failure or collapse. More details below and coming soon from PWSA.

We will keep you posted about this development.