A rainy May Day parade

Sunday May 1st was a rainy day, but that didn’t stop a determined group of costumed and umbrella’d revelers marching in the May Day parade (photo above by Myra Falisz).  The parade included a marching band and a scissors-lift creature.  Oh, and lots of little kids in wagons.

(photo above by Myra Falisz)
The parade route started on Melwood, crossed Herron, up Dobson, and down Brereton to West Penn Park.

(above photo by Myra Falisz)

(photo above by Terry Doloughty)
The festivities continued with a cookout (damp) and a baseball game (muddy) in the field.  Later, there were bands.


The game was Pittsburgh vs. Brooklyn.  We had to leave before it was over…anyone know the final score?

(last three photos by Leslie Clague)