A variety of food and drink at the Polish Hill Arts Festival

We’re happy to report that despite being hit by lightning, the church will still hold their parish festival (on Saturday).  And they will still have the always-popular Polish food booth at the arts festival on Sunday.  In addition to the pierogi, kielbasa, and halushky, there will be a lot of other great food at the arts festival, including vegan and vegetarian options.  Here’s the lineup:

Keith Fuller of Root 174 will be selling vegan falafel wraps.

Round Corner Cantina will be there, with some selections from their menu — like seitan tacos and Tijuana Street dogs.

Steve Bland of the Savasana Juice Company will have meatballs on a stick and veggie burgers, as well as his fresh squeezed juices.

Rob’s Awesome Ices will have — yes — ices, but also Thai iced tea.

Cindy’s Munchies, also known as the tiki hut booth, will have shaved ice, lemonade, and cheesecake with strawberries.

The Creped Crusader will be on site later in the afternoon with sweet and savory crepes.

Red Star Kombucha will be giving out free samples.

And a couple of other vendors are still being finalized, so there may be even more.  In addition to the festival food, nearby Polish Hill businesses also have food and drink. Lili Cafe will have lots of iced coffee on hand, along with their usual great selection of teas, smoothies, and fabulous baked goods.  Gooski’s will be open in the afternoon, with their fabulous beer selection, great bar food — and air conditioning.

We’d like to give a special mention to Sarney’s, which is right at the festival site.  Sarney’s will be open from noon – 10 pm on the day of the arts festival  We hear that this may be the last day that Sarney’s will be open — the property’s been sold and will change hands soon.  Whether at the festival, or in the days before, we encourage you to check out this classic, old-school Polish Hill bar.

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  1. Polish hill is where my family lived when they came to this country and will have a special place on my heart. My great grandparents Leon and Mary Sarnowski were our beginning in the USA. My grandparents Frank Kaminski and Julia Rudzki also started their family on Polish Hill. I am happy to read the news and thankful to all that keep Polish Hill alive.

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