April 30 planning meeting for the Polish Hill May Day Parade, all are welcome

This year will be the third annual Polish Hill May Day Parade, which will start marching at noon on May 5 at the Melwood Avenue entrance to Polish Hill.  The previous parades were a delight, with great music, costumes and whimsy, moving through the streets of Polish Hill.   There will be an open planning meeting for this year’s parade on Monday April 30 at 6:00 p.m. at Lili Coffee* Shop.  Anyone who is interested in participating in the parade, helping out, or just wants to know more, is welcome to attend the meeting.

And just what is this parade?  The Polish Hill May Day Parade website has such a great description of what they’re doing, I’m just going to quote it directly:

“May Day is an international holiday celebrating worker’s rights as well as the passage of winter into spring.  It is celebrated and interpreted many different ways all over the world, and our tradition is becoming more our own each year.  In fact this season the parade and ensuing festivities will be held on May 5th instead of the official May 1st.  Previously we were lucky enough to have May Day land on a weekend, but this year we decided to move it to the next Saturday so that more people will be able to participate. It also so happens that May 5th  is Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday that is now commonly celebrated in the U.S.A. as well.

What we have had in the past is a peaceful and inclusive parade full of homemade costumes, floats, banners, marching bands, all celebrating the lives of  the working people that are our friends, family, and community. We would like to recognize that this idea extends beyond our much-loved neighborhood as well, and that the world is covered with ordinary people like ourselves that make it all go around. How many people, that make our world possible, are we touched by every day and don’t speak of? Incomparable to the actual people, yet inseparably linked to them and taken for granted, are the objects of function and fantasy that they create. This is the invisible infrastructure of our lives, and it is the Magic Of  Everyday! Come ring a bell for The Everyday. Carry an umbrella to dance in the sun with and to share the shade of a new spring.”

This sounds like something worth marching for, and we hope that many people participate, or just come out and watch the parade as it moves through Polish Hill.