Art, dogs, showgirls, rain, and dancing in the street

The 6th Polish Hill Arts Festival got off to a great start with a jig by Steel Clover, and things got busy very quickly.

Around 3:00 the clouds rolled in, and sprinkles turned into heavy rain.  But many festival goers didn’t leave, instead choosing to crowd into the performance tent, or just to get wet.  The performers kept playing:  Pandemic, King Fez, and The Pressure carried on, keeping the festival going with great music.

The rain stopped by 8 pm, the sky cleared and revealed a beautiful sunset, and Lungs Face Feet performed to a soggy, joyful, dancing crowd.


We’d like to give a shout-out to all the artists and craft vendors, performers, activities, food vendors, volunteers, neighborhood supporters, and the hundreds of people who came to the Polish Hill Arts festival.  All of you together is what makes this such a great event. Even with the rain for a few hours, it was a wonderful day. Thank you all so much!