Art out of the Box exhibit at the Cultural District Gallery Crawl on Friday

For a week this summer, artist Deanna Mance worked on a painting in a mobile studio set up in from of the PHCA office as part of the Art Out of the Box project.  Polish Hill was one of five neighborhoods that the project went to; the art box also went to Friendship, Lawrenceville, Southside, and Central Northside.

The finale of the project come this Friday during the Cultural District Gallery Crawl, in a one-night-only showcase of the artwork produced during the project.  The exhibition is at the Trust Arts Education Center at 805-807 Penn Avenue.

The Cultural District gallery crawl is an trip from Polish Hill; you don’t even need to deal with parking.  Bike, walk, or take the 54D to 16th Street and get off before it crosses the bridge to the Northside.  From 16th Street it’s just a few blocks to the Cultural District.  Stop by the PHCA office to get a gallery crawl brochure, or check the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust website for more details; here’s a printable schedule and map.

(Above: Deanna Mance working on her piece during the Polish Hill residency of Art Out of the Box.  This photo was borrowed from the Art Out of the Box site; there wasn’t a credit with it.  If this is your photo, or you know whose it is, please let us know and we’ll add the credit)