First CommuniTeach class in Polish Hill

Guest post by Myra Falisz
They came to frame photographs, mementos and craft projects. Some were from Polish Hill, including our teacher, Suzanne Pyle. Others came from communities nearby. The event captured the spirit of CommuniTeach perfectly. Tom Ogden invited his friend and neighbor, Russ Manski. During the framing class, Ben Paul, co-founder of CommuniTeach, engages Russ in conversation about what it means to be a general contractor. Then, Russ agrees to teach a class on how to tile. Russ happens to be the first one to successfully cut his window! Everyone enjoyed the afternoon session, which also featured yummy Polish food. The leftovers came in handy, with the pierogi butter providing the much-needed boost for our mat cutting equipment to slide more smoothly. Stay tuned for Mat Framing Part 2 coming soon.

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