FOOD launches their first record with a show at Gooski's Saturday night

FOOD is a band with strong Polish Hill ties, comprising one neighborhood resident (Ed Crawford, formerly of fIREHOSE, Whiskeytown, Southern Culture on the Skids, and Grand National), one former longtime resident (Eric Vermillion, formerly of Gumball and Steel Miners), and a brother of a well-known neighborhood personage (Mike Quinlan, formerly of the Cynics and other bands, and brother of Tim from Gooski’s).  That’s a lot of talent in one band; now FOOD is releasing their first record.  The EP, titled Four Pieces from Candyland, will launch with a show at Gooski’s on Saturday.  The show starts at 10:00 and is $5.   If you didn’t catch their set at the arts festival last summer, this is a good chance to see this excellent band.

The Pittsburgh City Paper has a great article about Ed and FOOD in the current issue.  You can read it online here.

(Above:  Eric Vermilion, Ed Crawford, and Mike Quinlan of FOOD in front of the Mother’s Bread ghost sign on Dobson Street, photo by Leslie Clague)