Grand Opening Celebration!

Come on down to 3138 Dobson Street in scenic Polish Hill for the grand opening celebration of Mind Cure Records, the Copacetic Comics Company and the Lili*Coffeeshop. The grand opening event will run both Saturday and Sunday, July 24 & 25, 2010.

Lili will be serving some of the great treats from their menu. Italian sodas and root beer floats are available on their regular menu to cool you down.

Mind Cure will open at 11am on Saturday and plans to unleash 1,000 previously-unseen used LPs just for this occasion!

Copacetic Comics promises plenty of FREE COMICS along with mind-boggling bargains, special coupons, SURPRISE…S, and, we hope, a pervasive sense of good deals to be had. There will also be special appearances by some of Pittsburgh’s top cartoonists. On Saturday you’ll get a chance to meet Frank Santoro, Jasen Lex, Pat Lewis, and Chris Cornwell. Frank Santoro and Chris Cornwell will grace our fair establishment on Sunday as well, along with Joltin’ Jim Rugg, so there’ll be never a dull moment.

Of special note is a cross promotion between Mind Cure and Copacetic: Buy the latest Reid Paley CD at Copacetic and get a copy of the legendary LP, THE FIVE, for free at Mind Cure (or, vice versa, if you prefer).

Lili*Coffeeshop, Mind Cure Records and Copacetic Comics
Grand Opening Celebration
July 24-25, 2010
3138 Dobson St, Polish Hill