Have a Brewski on The Public at Superior Donuts

Blogski received a very fine offer from Polish Hillarian, Lou Castelli, who works for the Public Theater. This sounds like one of those don’t-miss opportunities for our neighbors and friends. We hope that you have a chance to take advantage of this offer and enjoy a local production which promises to be entertaining. From the description —

Arthur owns the small Chicago donut shop, Superior Donuts, but with a last name like Przybyzewski, Arthur would be right at home in Pittsburgh! In the play by Tracy Letts, Arthur tells us about the experience of his Polish parents immigrating to the United States. He says his Dad was going to name the shop Przybyzewski Paczki, but since the sign maker charged by the letter, they decided on Superior. Many people of Eastern European ancestry will relate to Arthur’s history. If you decide to see and your last name ends with “ski” (or “sky”), we’ll even buy you a beer at the theater so you can toast your heritage. To purchase tickets, call the O’Reilly Theater Box Office at 412.316.1600, and spell your name. Beer vouchers will be included with your tickets. directed by Ted Pappas, contains adult language and adult laughs. It runs at Pittsburgh Public Theater, in the heart of Downtown’s Cultural District, from April 14 through May 15. For details visit ppt.org.

Superior Donuts
April 14 – May 15
Check the Pittsburgh Public Theater site for times and ticket prices
at the O’Reilly Theater
621 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Box Office: 412.316.1600