Immaculate Heart of Mary Church Festival

We had to rest for a couple days after this weekend.  Two long, hot days of festivals — and it was a good weekend in Polish Hill.  There are a lot of photos to share.  These are from Saturday, which was the church festival.  The bake sale had a lot of yummy treats — and they went very quickly.

Ray Jay and the Carousels have played the church festival for years.  They did the polka Mass, then came outside and played another three hours in the tent.

A special shout-out goes to the volunteers who worked long hours on a very hot day to make the food.  Here are Larry, Dave, and John.

Jaime Tully worked the church food booth for the church festival, and came out the next day and did it again for the arts festival.

Bingo in the church yard, with Bill, always popular.

The booth sitters also had a long, hot day.  Here’s Bonnie offering a choice of bright puffy toys.

Cookie and Renee, selling Polish t-shirts and other items.

Here’s Chico and Tom at the wheel

And here’s Agnes!

A shady spot and a couple chairs provided an opportunity to chat out of the sun.

The food booth was open until well into the evening.

At the end of the evening  the remaining festival-goers rested from the day’s activities, waiting for the winning numbers to be called at 11 pm.  It was a long day for all the people who work so hard to make this festival tradition continue.  We particularly want to recognize Mark Dobies, who puts up (and takes down) the tents, and oversees all the church festival planning.

Tomorrow:  Photos from the arts festival.