Light Up Night in Polish Hill


Last night was Light Up Night here in Polish Hill. It was a beautiful day for some last-minute decorating and preparation and at last! the barriers were in place, the last ornament was on the tree, and the last string of lights had been tested to make sure that everything was ready.

We had treats for young and old —


The Immaculate Heart of Mary Choir regaled us with their musical selection —


We had special guests —


… and Santa came to visit!


We had a wonderful time, visiting with all of our neighbors from near and far. We so appreciate all of you, who are what makes Polish Hill a great place to live. We would like to especially thank Dozen Bakeshop, who treated us with their delicious mini cupcakes. A shout out, too, to King of the Hill Beverages, who dropped off treats and spiffy calendars for our friends and neighbors.

Our thank you list is very long and probably incomplete, but I would at least like to try to acknowledge everyone that worked to make the night special. Please forgive me if I forgot to name you. Here goes —

Many thanks to Terry Doloughty, Josie Ramsey,Immaculate Heart of Mary Choir, Erica Moulinier, Jaime Tully, Mary Ann Jack, Francis Simeone Anderson, Ed Librecht, Colleen Helwich, Catherine McConnell, Red Sinicki, as well as Mrs. Rizner and the rest of the monument Committee for decorating the tree.

Enjoy the slideshow!