Last July, a film crew spent some time here in Polish Hill filming Lightweight, a screenplay by Randy Kovitz and Deborah Hosking. The film was shot at a residence as well as neighborhood businesses. You can read more about the details of the filming on the BLOGSKI post. Lightweight will be previewing at the Melwood Screening Room (Pittsburgh Filmmakers) in April (see details below).

The film is about Elizabeth, a young woman who returns to Pittsburgh for a funeral and loses her footing. From the Lightweight site —

While visiting Pittsburgh for a family funeral, her boyfrend announces that he’s leaving her. She lost her job a few weeks ago; now she’ll need to find a new apartment, too. It’s all too much; she becomes disconnected from her surroundings. Literally, she begins to float.

The Lightweight site has information about the cast and crew of the film. Do check the trailer, it gives a great sense of the film and features Lili Coffee*Shop.


Lightweight (trailer) from brooke on Vimeo.

Preview Screening
April 7, 2011 @7PM & 8PM
Call the box office for admission prices
Melwood Screening Room
477 Melwood Ave
Pittsburgh PA 15213