Limited number of complimentary tickets for Polish Hill residents for Oct 6 Quantum Theatre production in Polish Hill

You may have seen the posters around the neighborhood for Quantum Theatre’s production of The End of the Affair.  Quantum stages their plays in different neighborhoods and all sorts of spaces around the area; here, they’ll be using the theater in the former Emma Kaufmann Clinic (aka the Polish Falcons Club) at 3028 Brereton Street.  The production will run from October 6-30.

The play, adapted from the 1951 novel by Graham Greene, is about a man’s obsession with his married mistress, and is set in the landscape of London during WWII.

Tickets are normally $35-48 ($18 for students), but there will be a community night for this production on October 6, with discounted tickets for Polish Hill residents, and a pre-show reception at Lili Coffee* Shop.  We have a limited number of these tickets to give away, and if you are one of the first Polish Hill residents to contact our office, you will get one ticket.  We’re giving out just one ticket per person, since we don’t have a lot.

We hope this will be a chance for those who normally wouldn’t go to the theater, or can’t afford the ticket price, to have this experience.