Mayor to grant all G-20 protest permits

With the G-20 Summit fast approaching, it is good to know that some issues are being addressed –

The mayor also announced the city will be granting permits to protest groups citywide. That includes areas that had been proposed in Point State Park, the North Side, the Strip District, the South Side and a march to Downtown from Oakland. Read the entire Post Gazette article

Not all preparations are coming from city government, however. The Mattress Factory has launched a new website where residents can share information about their favorite Pittsburgh attractions. During the week of the G20 Summit, the website will include live feeds that can be updated by anyone with observations and news about happenings in Pittsburgh.

The Pittsburgh Summit 2009, with much the same positive message, was also recently launched. Here, visitors can find additional information about where to stay, transportation and attractions.

The Oakland Business Improvement District has great practical advice about what to expect during the week of September 21. There’s a lot of good information on their page, definitely check it out.