Meeting, by Paul Bowden, will be unveiled October 22


Through the generosity of the Sprout Fund and artist Paul Bowden, Polish Hill is receiving its first public art piece. The work is the first venture into sculpture for Sprout Fund public arts projects. Their history with funding innovative mural projects is apparent throughout Pittsburgh neighborhoods. It was only a matter of time before they turned their sights to sculpture.

Paul Bowden is an excellent starting point for this new endeavor. His installation will set a high bar for future projects of this nature. The work is innovative in its installation and reflects the Polish Hill Neighborhood well. The work consists of three bronze castings, which will be installed on the side of 3106 Brereton St. Paul Bowden’s Meeting will be unveiled on Wednesday, October 22.

The building, which has gone through a long transformation, is the home of Tai + Lee Architects. Yoko Tai and Steve Lee, the firm’s guiding hands, have returned to Polish Hill just recently. Their renovation design on 3106 Brereton is amazing. Their renovation of 1024-26 Heron Ave properties is nearing completion; the properties are almost ready for viewing. Many thanks to Yoko + Lee for allowing the installation of this significant work on their building.


The Polish Hill Civic Association wishes to thank the Sprout Fund, Tai + Lee Architects, PC and the members of the PHCA Art Committee that worked to bring Paul Bowden’s Meeting to Polish Hill.

Paul Bowden at the Mattress Factory
You can see more information about the Sprout Fund public art project here

Join us on —

Wednesay | October 22 | 5:30
Paul Bowden Meeting Unveiling
3106 Brereton Street
Pittsburgh PA 15219

For more information call 412-681-1950 or email